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Professional Development

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Abolitionist Teaching Network

Develops and supports the struggle for educational liberation through instructional resources, podcasts, teaching tools, and direct action. Abolitionist Teaching Network uses inclusive language throughout its resources. ATN's Guide for Racial Justice and Abolitionist Social & Emotional Learning is a starting point for abolitionist teaching and learning.

Facing History and Ourselves

Includes recommended teaching strategies that develop students’ critical thinking and model the skills that foster engaged, democratic citizenship. Facing History and Ourselves offers options to filter resources by subject and resource type. The professional development resources specify teachers such as 6-12 or UK-based who will benefit most.

Learning for Justice

Combats bias in education and encourages educators and their students to challenge prejudice in their communities, enacting real change. Learning for Justice includes a range of material including podcasts, teaching cohorts, and workshops taught by expert trainers.

Morningside Center

Bridges the gap between critical thinking and social-emotional skills which sets students up for success when engaging with current events topics. Offers the option to filter search results for classroom resources by a variety of categories such as area, subject, or grade level, or enter keywords.

Responsive Classroom

Supports the development of safe, intentional learning communities through a student centered, social-emotional learning approach. Resources are rooted in research and evidence-based practices. Responsive Classroom offers accessible, actionable professional development offerings for educators, school leadership, and more.

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