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STEM Inventions

Offers more than 30 fun, easy projects to promote creativity and inquiry. STEM Inventions includes clear project plans and teaching guides to support implementation. Each lesson also includes a "tips and troubleshooting" section to help teachers navigate challenges.

Skype a Scientist

Presents students with the opportunity to connect directly with real scientists and seek answers to their questions. Skype a Scientist actively promotes inclusivity and diversity in the sciences by amplifying women in STEM and embracing antiracist approaches to teaching and learning.


Provides low prep activities that bring genetics, bioscience, and health alive in the classroom. Teach.Genetics resources are Next Generation Science Standards-aligned and created in collaboration with accredited universities.


Offers accessible articles on topics ranging from computer science to foreign language. ThoughtCo showcases a small selection of high-quality projects making the site easy to navigate for students and educators. This platform can be used both as a curriculum-building resource for teachers and as a research tool for students.

YouCubed Data Science Program

Applies the latest mathematics and data science research to create accessible, practical activities. YouCubed emphasizes a growth mindset in order to support students' emotional well-being.

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