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Colorful Pages (PK-5)

Supports the development of social justice-oriented school communities through curated book lists, lessons, and curriculum. These resources cultivate cultural empowerment and cross-cultural empathy in students through diverse books and literature. Colorful Pages prioritizes social-emotional growth as well as academic growth for students PreK-12.

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CommonLit (6-12)

Provides free, accessible ELA curriculum, literacy resources, and more than 2000 reading passages. Common Lit allows educators to filter by grade level, Lexile score, genre, or literary device. This resource serves diverse learners by providing content for grades 3-12 in both English and Spanish.

Flocabulary (PK-12)

Engages students with hip-hop-inspired videos that encourage K-12 learners to use multiple senses. Flocabulary uses a research-based, integrated approach to teaching vocabulary so that students learn new words in context. Flocabulary also offers standards-aligned lessons designed to support the development of 21st-century skills.

Newsela (6-12)

Provides leveled texts on a wide variety of topics to support learning across content areas. Newsela offers ready-to-use lessons, as well as tools for building your own unique learning experience for students grades 3-12. This platform also supports multilingual learners with text in both English and Spanish.

NoRedInk (6-12)

Deepens engagement through example sentences based on students' personal interests. NoRedInk adapts based on growth to provide an individualized, differentiated learning experience. Students receive authentic assessments, while teachers benefit from actionable data.

Oregon Writing Project (K-12)

Partners with schools and communities to develop and sustain leadership for educational improvement. OWP aims to incorporate multiple ways of knowing in order to support diverse educational opportunities and perspectives. This resource offers online curriculum as well as professional development opportunities for teachers and school leadership.

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