Education Without Limits is a nonprofit organization founded by educators, for educators. We are a network of professionals empowering each other through a collaborative approach to curriculum design and resource sharing. Our mission is to support our colleagues by providing free high-quality curriculum resources and peer coaching.


Founded Summer 2020, we are a new organization. We are developing original curriculum, a peer coaching network, and crowdsourcing existing resources from our national coalition of educators for our library. Our priorities are organizing our coalition of teachers, writing original curriculum, and building an online database of resources. 

These resources will include, but are not limited to:

LessonHQ Planning Tool

Customizable curriculum planning tool. LessonHQ allows educators to build interactive unit and lesson plans, as well as expand upon EWL's curriculum designed by our diverse team of educators.

Resource HQ

Resource Library

Complete with grading rubrics, so teachers may replace multiple choice tests with essays, debates, presentations, and other more academically rigorous learning experiences. 


Coaching Network

PeerHQ is EWL's Coalition of peer coaches available for development support, collaborative opportunities, and individualized support requests for educators across all subjects and grade levels.


Educators deserve the financial and structural resources we need to do our best, but the sad reality is that we do not have those resources. Somehow, we are left feeling as though we need to do more, when really we are working too hard. Education Without Limits seeks to build a platform where you can do more by sharing your best ideas with your peers, yet work less by using their best ideas in your own teaching. 


We are called Education Without Limits because we refuse to limit ourselves with prejudices about how to improve education. We are here to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to improve learning experiences, working with the people whose opinions matter most: educators. 


We follow a grassroots model because we believe educators already have the passion and drive to bring challenging, yet engaging learning experiences to the classroom. 


We promote collaboration because working together ensures our work is held to a high standard. Too often, educators lack the necessary time for a collaborative process -- an integral part of any project -- leaving us without the constructive feedback we need to do our best work. 


Education Without Limits follows a grassroots model with ongoing communication, feedback, and opportunities for collaboration for teachers involved in the organization. Our leadership structure will be designed collaboratively by the educators this project serves. 


In Fall 2020, we filed for 501(c)(3) status, and will begin fundraising upon approval.

©2020 Education Without Limits

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