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History & Social Studies   

Antiracist APUSH

Contains a complete AP US History course that exposes students to modern antiracist historical research and supports the development of analytical skills. Antiracist APUSH lessons are easily accessible, well organized, and do not require downloads. Resources are organized in accordance with the APUSH unit structure.

Civic Online Reasoning by Stanford University

Teaches media literacy, a crucial skill not always covered in mainstream curricula. Civic Online Reasoning's research-based curriculum and lessons give educators the tools to empower students to recognize misinformation and foster digital citizenship.

Facing History and Ourselves

Organizes content by topic and provides culturally relevant lessons for audiences. Facing History and Ourselves recommends teaching strategies that develop critical thinking skills and dispositions that foster engaged, democratic citizenship.


Engages students in meaningful civic learning with English and Spanish games. Educators can search for materials by topic or standard. Founded by Sandra Day O'Connor, iCivics' evidence-based approach is appealing to parents and school boards.


Takes classroom discussion online to help students get to the core of the issues they are analyzing. Kialo enables teachers to create materials from scratch, clone existing ones, and adapt to meet students' varying needs and interests. The clear visual structure makes learning logic accessible and engaging.

Learning for Justice

Combats bias in education and encourages educators and their students to challenge prejudice in their communities, enacting real change. Learning for Justice includes a range of material including podcasts, teaching cohorts, and workshops taught by expert trainers.

OER Project

Uses an interdisciplinary approach to history that promotes media literacy and critical thinking skills. OER project courses draw connections between the past and present. Students who take these free, adaptable courses demonstrate clear gains in reading, writing, and content knowledge.

Zinn Education Project

Supports the teaching of people's history through diverse selection of resources, including articles and unit plans, all taught through multiple lenses. Educators can search Zinn Education Project by theme, time period, resource type, and grade. Zinn Education Project takes an honest look at the past, equipping students with tools to advocate for change.

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