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We are Recruiting VOLUNTEERS!

EWL is recruiting volunteers! Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media and be the first to know about future opportunities.


Want to help spread the word about us? Consider an Ambassadorship! An EWL Ambassador promotes our programs, especially ResourceHQ, on social media through their personal profile in a manner that is in line with EWL’s mission and values. There are two primary methods.

Consistently re-posting EWL’s content on your social media
Adding information about EWL into conversations on social media, especially public forums

We are particularly interested in recruiting current educators active in resource-sharing groups on social media.

If this opportunity to help us grow excites you, please fill out this form and we will follow up shortly!


Work in tech, and looking for opportunities to use your skills and give back to the community? We’re recruiting mentors to work with our college interns as they bring the prototype for EducatorHQ, a ground-breaking curriculum planning tool, to life!

If this opportunity to mentor college students as they take on their first professional project excites you, please fill out this form and we will follow up shortly.

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Follow EWL on Social Media! 

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up with future services, resources, collaborations, donation opportunities, and more! 

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