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Facing History and Ourselves


Facing History and Ourselves offers a wide range of flexible, multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming videos to teaching strategies, lesson plans, and full units. Their curriculum focuses on historical events, informing students about injustice and asking deep questions about the causes and impacts of bigotry and hate on the world. The platform also offers professional development to support educators implement the curriculum in their classrooms. 


EMPOWERMENT—Randomized controlled trials indicate that teachers are more confident and skilled at supporting civic and social-emotional learning after using Facing History resources. 

FLEXIBILITY—Educational resources range from individual readings, lessons, and videos to full units. Educators can search by topic, classroom subject, or resource type to find tools that will suit their school context. 

CURIOSITY—Facing History and Ourselves integrates intellectual rigor, emotional management, and ethical reflection to create teaching and learning experiences that center civic agency. 

UTILITY—Developed around a consistent scope and sequence, Facing History and Ourselves units and courses support students' understanding through a specific progression of themes. 


Use Facing History's On-Demand Learning Center to see teaching strategies in action inside real classrooms.

Facing History offers teaching resources and strategies for bringing current events into the classroom.

Use the Facing History lending library to get free PDFs and deeply discounted class sets of e-books.

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