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Colorful Pages (PK-5)


Colorful Pages highlights multicultural, diverse literature featuring colorful characters where resources focus on promoting empathy and cultural empowerment. Materials include book lists, lesson plans, book reviews, and professional development based on the values of The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature, developed by Colorful Pages founder, Kaitlin Kamalei Brandon. 


EMPOWERMENT—Through the use of Multicultural Literature, Colorful Pages supports the development of social justice-oriented school communities through curated book lists, lessons, book reviews, and educator training on how to effectively use multicultural literature. 

FLEXIBILITY—Colorful Pages' diverse resources cultivate cultural empowerment and cross-cultural empathy in students. 

CURIOSITY—Colorful Pages prioritizes social-emotional growth as well as academic growth for students PreK-12. 

UTILITY—Colorful Pages' resources are readily accessible through curated book lists and can be easily integrated into classroom instruction as read-alouds or group discussions. 


The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature is a useful guide to categorizing and analyzing books, expanding access to culturally relevant book selections & teaching empathically.

Book reviews and blog posts provide time-sensitive and relevant tips for resource integration into classroom instruction.

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