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Learning for Justice


Learning for Justice provides resources that help teachers, administrators, counselors, and other educational professionals create inclusive school communities. Their resources, including lesson plans, articles for students and educators, grants, and professional development, support educators in implementing new practices and curriculum in their classrooms. These resources encourage project-based learning, promote critical thinking skills, and offer options for customization. 


EMPOWERMENT—In addition to free educational resources, Learning for Justice empowers educators to harness collective power and take action through workshops, professional development, and community partnerships. 

FLEXIBILITY—Learning for Justice emphasizes culturally responsive resources, offering windows and mirrors texts that reflect diverse perspectives. 

CURIOSITY—Learning for Justice goes beyond typical lesson plans and readings, offering learning plans and student tasks that encourage learners to take action in their communities while demonstrating writing and critical literacy skills. 

UTILITY—Educators can browse a wide range of resources, easily integrating them into the curriculum. Learning for Justice tags resources according to both Common Core Standards and their own Social Justice Standards, making it easy to find the appropriate resource. 


The Teaching Strategies portion of the site provides evidence-based guidance on how to successfully implement social justice curriculum in the classroom.

Because Learning for Justice has so much to offer, be sure to set aside time to review all the resources available.

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