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YouCubed Data Science Program


At YouCubed, the goal is to inspire STEM success for all students through growth mindsets and innovative teaching. Research shows students learn best through rich, open, visual, and creative tasks. YouCubed uses its intuition and thinking to choose methods that can be useful in the task. When students need to learn new methods, educators teach them inside the task. Students immediately see how important they are and learn them more deeply. They engage in the important acts of choosing and making connections between ideas. To promote this kind of learning environment, YouCubed provides educators with pedagogical frameworks, professional development opportunities, and curriculum resources. 


EMPOWERMENT—YouCubed empowers educators to put the latest mathematics research into action through an accessible, practical curriculum. 

FLEXIBILITY—YouCubed articles offer evidence-based suggestions for addressing diverse learning needs. 

CURIOSITY—Students who attended YouCubed summer camp described themselves as "mathematically free." This approach to math learning de-emphasizes rules and conformity so students are free to learn instead of performing. 

UTILITY—Educators can download whole lessons and resources for classroom use. They can also use YouCubed's growth-oriented approach to adapt existing lessons. 


These resources are best used for implementing a new unit as opposed to a reteach or supplemental lesson. 

Some activities require material prep. 

Activities work best with groups.

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