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STEM Inventions


STEM Inventions is an easy-to-navigate website that showcases fun and easy STEM projects for kids. The projects are designed not only to promote engagement with key principles but to grow students’ problem-solving skills. Each project includes a lesson plan, worksheet, and materials list—and most projects have an accompanying instructional video. 


EMPOWERMENT—This resource is continually updated as new projects are developed. 

FLEXIBILITY—STEM Inventions encourages teachers to varying levels of support, direction, and reflection to target different levels of learning and serve students' diverse needs. 

CURIOSITY—STEM Inventions projects are fun, toy-like, and inquiry-based. They engage students' natural curiosity and encourage them to be their teachers through observations, failure, reflection, and growth. 

UTILITY—STEM Inventions includes clear project plans and teaching guides to support implementation. Each lesson also includes a "tips and troubleshooting" section to help teachers navigate challenges. 


Stem Inventions recommends allowing students to work through challenges as they arise to support the development of problem-solving skills. Support students by observing what is not working and asking what they can do to fix it. 

More than 25 of the projects use the same materials, so educators can buy them in bulk to cut costs. 

Because many of the projects involve materials, they will require advanced planning.

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