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Education Without Limits

Letter from the Executive Director Holiday 2022

Photo courtesy of Cecilia Senocak Photography

With 2022 coming to a close, we are proud to share all the exciting progress we’ve made this year. Read on for exciting updates about our core programs serving educators, ResourceHQ and EducatorHQ! But first…

You’re Invited!

If you happen to be in San Francisco on December 22, 2022, you will have the opportunity to attend our first-ever fundraising event! Tickets start at just $40, and include catered dinner and access to premium wine and beer sold at a discount!

Get tickets to the EWL fundraising event here.

And now, a trip down memory lane…

Education Without Limits launched in 2020 with an open letter calling for collaborators to build tangible solutions to the challenges K-12 educators face everyday that leave us the #1 most burnt out profession in The United States:

  • Long hours spent on lesson planning and searching on the web for resources

  • Paying out of pocket for classroom supplies

  • A mismatch in performance expectations and material support

My decision to found Education Without Limits reflected my drive to empower my colleagues in education to set ourselves up for success, regardless of our context.

Building ResourceHQ

Our initial team of collaborators has already created our first service for educators that addresses the first challenge, long hours spent on search engines digging for resources: ResourceHQ. Located on our website, ResourceHQ is a curated, up-to-date guide to the myriad of free curricular resources already available on the world wide web such as Learning for Justice, Responsive Classroom, the free graphing calculator Desmos, and more.

Just this November, we secured a $10,000 Google Ad Grant to fund a campaign to make ResourceHQ a top search result. As more educators fin

d ResourceHQ and provide their feedback, we look forward to expanding and improving the service throughout 2023 and beyond!

So now that we’ve created our first program, what’s next for us?

Building EducatorHQ

Curating ResourceHQ gave us the opportunity to learn what like-minded organizations were already offering. More importantly, it gave us the opportunity to learn what those organizations haven't done yet.

We saw a clear gap: a unifying planning tool that would allow educators to build a unique curriculum tailored to their students' needs, interests, and current academic levels. Without such a tool, even with access to all the resources listed in ResourceHQ, educators are left with the time-consuming task of crafting a daily plan on their own. To help, we’re building EducatorHQ, a planning tool that integrates K-12 resources from across all core 4 subjects through one easy-to-use interface.

In April 2022, we successfully created a prototype of the EducatorHQ interface. Educators gave us positive feedback, saying things like “this would be useful!” and “I would love to have all of my resources in one place.” We are excited to build off of this positive momentum in 2023!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far! With your help, we will accomplish great things in the year to come.


Rhi Alyxander

Founder & Executive Director, Education Without Limits


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