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YouCubed, founded by Stanford University Professor Jo Boaler, offers an innovative approach to teaching math. Their curriculum focuses not only on teaching students content but on cultivating lifelong critical thinking skills. Educators can search for curriculum based on education needs, equitable teaching resources, and other criteria to find research-based articles to inform math classes. In another section, teachers can search by grade level or topic for creative, fun, active math activities. The site also hosts events for professional development and has a robust social media presence.


EMPOWERMENT—YouCubed empowers educators to put the latest mathematics research into action through an accessible, practical curriculum. 

FLEXIBILITY—YouCubed articles offer evidence-based suggestions for addressing diverse learning needs.

CURIOSITY—Students who attended YouCubed summer camp described themselves as "mathematically free" - this approach to math learning de-emphasizes rules and conformity so students are free to learn instead of performing.

UTILITY—Educators can download whole lessons and resources for classroom use. They can also use YouCubed's growth-oriented approach to adapt existing lessons.


Lessons are tagged by grade level and topics for ease of use and sorting.

The Mathematical Mindset Practices Rubric brings social-emotional learning into math class.

YouCubed provides scientific evidence of brain training and multi-dimensional approaches to special education and mathematical thinking.

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