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ThoughtCo features accessible articles for students connecting content to the real world, with accompanying resources for educators. Articles explain concepts with easy-to-read tips written by highly qualified professionals. The projects offer creative alternatives to traditional math instruction. The site includes worksheets in the form of printable PDFs with sections on how to use them in units or lessons. Educators and students can search by grade level, unit topic, or interests to access free resources. 


EMPOWERMENT—Many articles are written by and for educators. 

FLEXIBILITY—One of ThoughtCo's core values is that its readers come first. This means that they publish clear, jargon-free content that makes complex content as accessible as possible. 

CURIOSITY—Covering a huge range of topics, ThoughtCo resources are designed to spark the curiosity of learners of all ages. 

UTILITY—ThoughtCo texts are easy to search for and navigate. Each article contains a "key takeaways" section that shows the main idea at a glance. Readers can also link to related articles by clicking on keywords. 


Make sure you have AdBlock installed on your classroom computers, as news sites, unfortunately, must use distracting pop-ups to pay the bills.

Articles can be used as enrichment, prompts for class discussion, or integrated into mini-lessons.

Utilize the search bar when searching for specific content because ThoughtCo does not include a filter tool.

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