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Desmos provides free tools and curricular resources for classroom educators. Their most famous tool is a free web-based graphing calculator that can be accessed through the web browser and app. The Desmos 6–8 Math Curriculum offers teachers a blend of paper and computer lessons that help their students express their brilliance every day. Students experience middle school mathematics at its most interactive while teachers experience teaching at its most powerful with dashboard and lesson facilitation tools. 


EMPOWERMENT—When teaching teams adopt the Desmos curriculum, they get paired with a National Coach to support onboarding and instruction throughout the year. Surveys indicate that teachers felt better supported with Desmos than in their previous curriculum. 

FLEXIBILITY—Desmos' curricular resources encourage diversity of thought and problem solving while inviting students from historically excluded communities to feel brilliant in math class. 

CURIOSITY—Desmos is on a mission to help students love learning math, and express their mathematical understanding in creative, engaging ways. 

UTILITY—Desmos curriculum is standards-aligned, FERPA compliant, COPPA compliant, and available in both English and Spanish. Depending on classroom resources and context, teachers can choose to use Desmos resources on the computer or on paper. 


Desmos offers graphing and scientific calculators that can be used in your web browser or on the cell phone app.

Take snapshots of student thinking to celebrate and develop learning that's in process.

Use the anonymizing tool so your class can have candid conversations that center on mathematical ideas, not students.

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