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Art and Music 



EC -Early Childhood        ES-Elementary School        MS-Middle School        HS-High School

Peekapak ​

Grades: PreK-4

What it is:  “Peekapak was designed to support educators and parents in developing the social, emotional and literacy skills of children in early childhood and elementary school. By building these critical skills, children are better prepared to learn in a classroom setting and are more likely to graduate from college and gain meaningful employment later in life. To ensure the effectiveness of Peekapak in reaching these aims, research has been incorporated into each step and element of Peekapak’s program design.”

What we like about it: 

Woke Kindergarten 

Grades: K-2 

What it is: Woke Kindergarten is a Youtube Channel featuring inclusive read-alouds

What we like about it: Social justice resources for younger students

Colorful Pages ​

Grades: K-8 

What it is:  “On our website, we try to provide resources to help educator, families, and librarians use multicultural literature/diverse books effectively. This includes: Book Lists, Lesson Plans, Book Reviews, Information about how to use diverse books, etc. As an organization, we also provide coaching and training around multicultural literature/diverse books and The Spectrum of Multicultural Literature (created by Kaitlin Kamalei Brandon, our founder).”

What we like about it: Curated reading lists for a range of topics, organization founded and run by a BIPOC educator, The Spectrum for Multicultural Literature (great guide for categorizing books & teaching empathically)


Grades: 2-8 

What it is: Semi-free collection of articles. “You don’t have to choose between engaging content and delivering standards-aligned instruction. Every teacher should have accessible, standards-aligned content that excites at their fingertips so they can focus on what matters - inspiring a love of learning for life.”

What we like about it: Can sync with Google Classroom

Common Lit 

Grades: 3-12

What it is: “CommonLit is a nonprofit education technology organization dedicated to ensuring that all students, especially students in Title I schools, graduate with the reading, writing, communication, and problem-solving skills they need to be successful in college and beyond.”

What we like about it: Extensive collection, easy to search for texts by grade, topic, or level

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