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Start Empathy


The Start Empathy Toolkit is exactly what it sounds like: a written framework for teaching and cultivating empathy in ourselves and others. Developed in response to interviews with educators and social entrepreneurs, these tools are intended to help educators create a classroom environment where students can identify their needs, feel safe, and build mutually respectful relationships with peers and adults alike. 


EMPOWERMENT—Start Empathy empowers teachers with guides for building more empathetic classroom communities. 

FLEXIBILITY—Start Empathy offers accessible, actionable guides and professional development for teachers. 

CURIOSITY—Start Empathy supports students to have the desire to be change-makers in their communities and across the globe. 

UTILITY—Start Empathy designs programs for grades k-12 that support practical skill development and social entrepreneurship. 


The Start Empathy Toolkit can be used as both a classroom resource and a school culture-building tool. When possible, share this resource with professional colleagues.

Ashoka, the creator of the Start Empathy Toolkit, offers programs to support changemakers around the world, from young people to adults.

Take the Changemaker Index to learn if you have a changemaker mindset.

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