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Abolitionist Teaching Network


Abolitionist Teaching Network (ATN) supports educators fighting injustice through a variety of programs and services. They give out awards and grants, and they organize a program pairing teachers with activists in residence. Most famously, ATN released the Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning in the form of a free PDF that frames abolitionist teaching with a social-emotional learning framework. They even produce a podcast called Teaching to Thrive! 


EMPOWERMENT—Abolitionist Teaching Network uses inclusive language throughout its resources to encourage educators to embrace cultural norms from communities of color. 

FLEXIBILITY—Abolitionist Teaching Network promotes learning about inclusions in a flexible manner to avoid reductionist or “one size fits all” approaches to equity. 

CURIOSITY—Abolitionist Teaching Network develops and supports the struggle for educational liberation through educational resources, podcasts, teaching tools, and direct action. 

UTILITY—Abolitionist Teaching Network’s Guide for Racial Justice and Abolitionist Social & Emotional Learning is a starting point for integrating abolitionist practices into classroom routines, rituals, and content. 


The resource page has a lot of information! If you're new to abolitionist approaches, start by downloading "Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning."

Implement the framework from the very beginning of the semester to establish an inclusive classroom culture.

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