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3 Rs by Advocates for Youth


Rights, Respect, Responsibility by Advocates for Youth is a comprehensive sex-ed curriculum for students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade. In the early years, students discuss important topics like safety and friendship. As students grow, they are introduced to more complex, nuanced, and personal topics. Advocates for Youth not only provide lesson plans, handouts, and videos, but they also host professional development to support educators implementing the program. 


EMPOWERMENT—3 Rs by Advocates for Youth empowers teachers who want to build an introduction to sexuality education. 

FLEXIBILITY—3 Rs by Advocates for Youth features concepts in an integrated, student-centered way. 

CURIOSITY—3 Rs by Advocates for Youth offers options for including and representing learners of all genders and sexualities. 

UTILITY—3 Rs by Advocates for Youth follows the National Sexuality Education Standards to create research-backed content. 


If possible, attend free trainings before implementing the curriculum.

3 Rs curriculum has been adapted for several states.

A complete teacher's guide is available for the 3 Rs curriculum that provides third-party links to additional resources and trainings.

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