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History and Social Studies 



EC -Early Childhood

ES-Elementary School

MS-Middle School

LHS-Lower High School

UHS-Upper High School


Grades: ES-LHS

What It Is: Facing History and Ourselves offers a wide range of flexible, multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming videos to teaching strategies, lesson plans, and full units. Their curriculum focuses on historical events, informing students about injustice and askin...


Grades: MS-UHS

What It Is: The Civic Online Reasoning curriculum provides free lessons, videos, and assessments to help educators teach students to effectively search for and evaluate social and political information online. Developed from Stanford History Education Group’s research with professio...


Grades: MS-UHS 

What It Is: Kialo is a public discussion platform designed to assist educators and students design debates. Their services use “arguments maps,” or templates for visualizing arguments. This tool assists students as they learn to analyze logic, evidence, and structure in their own a...


Grades: MS-UHS 

What It Is: Learning for Justice provides supplemental curriculum materials to help teachers, administrators, counselors, and other educational professionals inform their practices and create inclusive school communities based on mutual respect with students. Their curriculum build...


Grades: MS-UHS 

What It Is:  The Zinn Education Project provides activity-based history lessons inspired by Howard Zinn’s best-selling book A People’s History of the United States. The focus is not on the figures usually featured in traditional history books. Rather, lessons focus on the “regular ...


Grades: LHS-UHS 

What It Is: iCivics features a series of interactive games based on real court cases and government issues. Students can choose which side to argue, evaluate how opinions align with their own values, and make choices with potential outcomes. Students can step into various roles in...


Grades: LHS-UHS 

What It Is: The OER project’s mission is to connect the past and the future through quality world history instruction. They feature three courses for educators to implement: “Big History,” “Origins to the Present,” and “1750 to the Present.” These courses are adaptable and contain...


Grades: UHS 

What It Is: Antiracist APUSH refocuses the traditional AP US History curriculum with an antiracist lens. Their curriculum asks questions throughout the units and lessons to encourage students to analyze and challenge traditional historical narratives. The site provides research from l...