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Health & Wellness

3 Rs by Advocates for Youth

Introduces foundational sexuality education concepts in an integrated, student-centered approach. 3 Rs by Advocates for Youth follows the National Sexuality Education Standards to create research-backed content. The content includes and represents learners of all genders and sexualities.

Abolitionist Teaching Network

Develops and supports educational liberation through instructional resources, podcasts, teaching tools, and direct action. Abolitionist Teaching Network uses inclusive language throughout its resources. ATN's Guide for Racial Justice and Abolitionist Social & Emotional Learning is a starting point for abolitionist teaching and learning.

Morningside Center

Helps students utilize both critical thinking and social-emotional skills to successfully engage with current event topics. Morningside Center partners with teachers and school leaders to build community, teach social responsibility, and increase equity. Educators can search classroom resources by subject, grade level, or keyword.

Responsive Classroom

Supports the development of safe, intentional learning communities through a student-centered, social-emotional learning approach. Resources are rooted in research and evidence-based practices. Responsive Classroom offers accessible, actionable professional development offerings for educators, school leadership, and more.

Start Empathy

Supports teachers in building more empathetic classroom communities through accessible, actionable guides and professional development. Start Empathy empowers students to be change-makers in their communities and across the globe through programs that support skill development and social entrepreneurship.

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