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EC -Early Childhood

ES-Elementary School

MS-Middle School

LHS-Lower High School

UHS-Upper High School


Grades: EC-ES 

What it is: Colorful Pages provides a diverse array of resources to support educators and families effectively engage students with multicultural literature. Resources focus on promoting empathy in students as they read about diverse backgrounds. Their materials include: book lists,...


Grades: EC-MS 

What It Is: Flocabulary uses Hip-Hop as a method of teaching students to improve vocabulary and literacy across disciplines. Their lessons are broken down by subject and focus, and each lesson provides a video and accompanying resources. They also provide standards-aligned lesson pl...


Grades: ES-UHS 

What It Is: CoreAtlas is an interactive online program for students featuring learning “maps," or units. Stops along the map provide students with a “quest,” or teaching target/standard, translated into grade-level appropriate language. To support students, quests also include info...


Grades: ES-UHS

What It Is: Oregon Writing Project (OWP) provides resources for educators  of all disciplines and levels to support writing and learning in schools and communities. The Project is made up of a community of educators dedicated to using writing for equity and radical change. Though ba...


Grades: MS-UHS

What It Is: CommonLit is a digital platform dedicated to providing free resources for educators and students in order to ensure that all students, regardless of school resources, are able to graduate with the knowledge they need to be successful in life after graduation. They use re...

Grades: MS-UHS 

What It Is: Newsela uses a variety of relevant, non-fiction texts to provide learning for students in ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Educators can create classes and assign work through the platform using a wide range of texts. Students can annotate as they read and their perfor...


Grades: MS-UHS 

What It Is: NoRedInk is a writing and grammar curriculum that engages students with exercises based on their interests, boosts their skills with adaptive practice, and guides them step-by-step through the writing process. It's currently used in over 60% of US districts.

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